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What is your truth ? This has been a daily practice for me since leaving work 6 weeks ago. To follow my truth means I can become aligned with my gifts and abilities that I am here to share with everyone I meet. It means to recognise the doubts and insecurities, the need for praise and feedback, reassurance is not my truth - these are all personality needs to be met when I forget to see through the eyes of my Soul

We spent a week in Portugal recently on a Juice Retreat and met some amazing people who were there for all sorts of reasons but mainly to feel better in their physical bodies. I was aware at how through conversations with them, the one part they hadn't recognised was their emotional need and what need had been unfulfilled that had perhaps been met by food, exercise and career. It took only a 5 minute conversation with each one to reach the part of them that understood wellness is a whole person journey and that emotions are to be used as a guidance system

I have come to practice reaching for my Quartz Sphere when I have these moments of doubt and ask it to share the truth which always bring me back to a feeling of relief in my heart and an inner knowing that I am on my right path and what I believe is right for me. My purpose is to connect with each persons Soul to rekindle their remembrance of their own greatness and how they too need no effort to live an abundant life - only to strive for happiness in all they do

So much information is being fired at us from all areas, some of it very convincing that it is the truth but how does it make you feel ?

Anything that makes you feel helpless, overwhelmed, frightened and separate from your physical body is not truth - its control by some who may feel out of control themselves. You are the filter for your life, you are the medicine for your life because you are unique and how can anyone know what is right for you ?

It is very difficult if you have been used to giving away your truth and so you have become disconnected from your own guidance - I know this from first hand experience. When I wasn't awake to who I am, I looked to the medical profession (who I know in acute situations are amazing) for guidance. I was relieved at that time to be given a label of Post Natal Depression, Anxiety and Depression - it gave me hope that I was just ill but something inside didn't feel right because I knew I was none of those things at the same time.

I know now I was disconnected from my truth - it was always trying to call me home through anxiety, insecurity and fear. That is how I know anyone who comes to me for treatments and has a label of any disease is only a heartbeat away from their truth and once they connect, their ailments melt away.

We all need tools to help us find our path and there are so many beauties in crystals, they hold your truth and will guide your energy back to be in alignment

So when a thought is thought by you - what is the source of that thought - is it someone else's opinion - if so how does it make you feel ? if not calm and elated its not your truth - if the source of the thought is within you as you experience something and it makes you freeze or feel overwhelmed, frightened to face the world, then unravel until you get to the source because it again is not your truth - its a belief you have pick up along the way.

Pick a special crystal and make it your truth bomb - when you feel less than happy, sit with it and hold it and ask it to reveal the truth to you - don't get up until you feel that relief in your heart knowing everything is always ok and is always working out for you.

The planet just now is craving us all to feel and align with our truth, you don't have to tell anyone or explain just allow yourself to know what is right for you - there is great power in silence and great power in compassion. If you feel you have given your truth away to others, media and those in power, don't berate yourself, the time is always the right time for you to connect, we have all had to soak up the disconnection to know how beautiful being connected feels

It is a privilege for me to connect with you all and I hope this has come at a time when you have needed confirmation that you do know. You are here to thrive not just survive each day and fear the next. You are needed at this time to hold the knowledge that light is more powerful than anything or anyone who tries to dim yours.

For this next 7 days, I am offering 15% of anything on the site with the code Truth (except The Essence weekend and meditations)

Please also check out the Essence of the Dragonfly weekend next April 2022 (page is on the website) which is where you have the chance to connect with others and experience all sorts of ways to access your truth - I have about 11 spaces left and only 2 rooms if you wanted to stay on site.

Please get in touch with any questions and if you are in the area of Pitlochry I am available for treatments most of the time now.


Jennie x


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