Spirit of the Dragonfly

The Spirit of the Dragonfly is about strengthening the connection to our inner guidance. 


The Dragonfly represents new beginnings, eternal life & drawing back the veil between two worlds. 

This weekend event began as a memory to our daughter Flora in spirit.  

My wish is for everyone who experiences the Spirit of the Dragonfly, will leave knowing their spirit is ever lasting and our two worlds are really just one. 

To reach that knowing, we have to access our inner guidance and this is why I like to offer so many varied workshops across the weekend, as each person has a different access point to their light. 

Please see below for details on the weekend. 

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Friday 28th October

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Inspirational Talk & Dinner in the Yurt


To start off the weekend, with a touch of inspiration, we will enjoy a 3 course dinner by the fires in the Yurt whilst listening to the inspiring story from our guest speaker, Deirdre Davis. 

Dierdre is a successful TV & theatrical actress playing many roles TV's River City, where she was for 14 years, to Theatre Performances, including my favourite, The Last Witch - A role that will touch many of us. 

She is joining us to tell her story of how she manages the ebb and flow of the actors life. Everyone has a story and Deirdre is no different.


A perfect start to what will be a magical weekend. 

*included in weekend ticket*

Saturday 29th October 


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Originally from Kerala, in south-western India, Suthesh Sukumaran is now sharing authentic yoga and ayurvedic teachings from his Simpli Yoga studio base in Kinross, Scotland

Suthesh' spiritual journey started when he was a teenager and progressed through holy centres and ashrams throughout his homeland of India.

Using a combination of Asana, Pranayama & Meditation Suthesh will guide you through a session that will uplift your spirits as well as give you a mind and body balanced workout. 




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Alexandra has her own complimentary therapies practice offering various treatments to restore physical, mental and emotional well being. 

Her workshop is going to be using some of my own Peace Essence oil, which includes the highest frequency oil of all, Rose Absolut with Rose Calcite Gua Shas, she will guide you through a mindful facial to release tension in your face, neck & scalp leaving you relaxed, rejuvenated & flowing.

Sunday 30th October




Fi has been practicing yoga for over 20 years & teaching it for over 17 years. 

After having back issues, leading to a surgery not long after qualifying from teacher training, Fi's yoga practice changed. Practicing with mindful awareness helped Fi stay strong physically and mentally.


With a strong belief that yoga should be accessible to everyone, Fi will be taking you through a seasonal flow to start your Sunday. 




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Blanche moved to Scotland from her home in England to embrace the wilds and space in which she found solace and peace to raise her family and delve into her passion for Homeopathy and all things metaphysical. Working as a Homeopath led her to research singing bowls and tuning forks as a compliment to her tinctures.

We are going to be held in the beautiful notes of her various singing bowls during her workshop. She uses her developed intuition to feel into what the group or individuals will need to release any tension held within the body. She likes to walk around sensing the energy of the group and using the bowls where they are needed most. Coupled with the 2 roaring fires in the Yurt, this is going to be an incredible workshop for peace.

Spirit of the Dragonfly
Dunfallandy, Pitlochry PH16 5NA, UK