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Jennie's crystal therapy is a completely relaxing experience and she makes her treatment room feel like a sanctuary. She has a wonderful collection of all sorts of beautiful crystals and her knowledge about them and their effects is extensive. 

Image by Gabby Conde
Image by Chandra Oh


I would highly recommend Jennie's crystal treatments. I found them to be very calming, comforting and healing during a difficult and challenging time. Jennie has a wonderful, deeply intuitive connection with  her crystals. She has a gentle, calm and heart centered, approach and creates a warm, supportive and soothing environment for her treatments. There is no doubt that I benefited a great deal from my crystal sessions with Jennie. 


Jennie's unique energy, warmth and sensitivity along with her understanding of beautiful crystals help shine a light even in our darkest corners. She can guide and inspire, heal and help and generally makes the world a better place. Treatments, workshops, retreats and meditation have proven invaluable in maintaining my healthy heart, mind and soul. 

Image by Esther Verdú
Image by lilartsy


I have the privilege of knowing Jennie as a friend and colleague as well as a crystal therapist. Whether you experience a session or order from her Esty site, you will not be disappointed. Her attention to detail means lovingly sourced and beautifully packaged and presented goods delivered promptly to your door. If you visit her for a session the welcome is warm, relaxing and welcoming from the exquisite foot bath to the comfort of the surroundings. Jenne herself has an encyclopedic knowledge of her craft and tools that she blends with intuition to offer a very personal insight into your body, mind and soul. I find I feel more relaxed, centered and at peace after our sessions, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

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