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Crystals are a complementary therapy which help to rebalance and release any resistance held in your energy body. Jennie is highly intuitive and empathic, which allows her to understand the emotional cause of any physical blockage.


She has studied a range of modalities over many years,including reiki, crystal ascension & Essenian healing A crystal treatment involves balancing the chakras and energy body whilst releasing any stagnant energy.


Crystals are chosen and placed intuitively to achieve the best results for your individual needs. Once stagnant energy is released Jennie can help you understand the reason behind it and the part it has played in your soul's journey. The treatment leaves you relaxed & re-energised and with a deeper understanding of your gifts & abilities        


1-1 Treatment - £60 (90min) 

Location: Pitlochry - Also available via zoom

Please email or get in touch to book your session. 

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