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The Fragrance of the Soul

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One Sunday afternoon I was sitting with my 96 year old father who at the time was struggling with his physical well being. He turned to me & said, “One day I will be at Peace”. I instinctively knew that Peace has always been available to him, but in his mind it felt unattainable.


Coincidentally, at the same time I was reading about the evolution of the Peace Rose, cultivated by the French horticulturist Francis Meilland between 1935 & 1939. At the outbreak of WW2 Monsieur Meilland dug up his complete collection of 200,000 roses in order to make the land available for the War effort. He wisely sent a cutting of his newest Rose to an American horticulturist for safekeeping - reportedly on the last plane to leave France before the German invasion.


He heard no news about his cutting until France was liberated in June 1944 when he received a message that the Rose had not only survived but had thrived & was stunningly beautiful. It was then named The Peace Rose - A light that had survived the darkness of War, an emblem for Peace with the pink & lemon colours the frequency of compassion, joy & hope.


I knew this was a nudge from Spirit for me to create something special & help rekindle Peace at this time on the planet. A quick call to my amazingly gifted friend Katrino from Yogi Oils & my vision was realised. Together we nurtured the idea and created Peace, made with natural spring water sourced high up on my local hill, Ben Vrackie. This beautifully pure mountain water is then infused with the frequency of Rose Quartz & Lemon Calcite crystals during a New Moon before being blended with Rose & Lemon Oil at the time of a Full Moon.


The result is the most healing, compassionate & uplifting essence which for me is quite simply

The Fragrance of the Soul

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Peace Grid

My vision is to create a leyline of Peace for this time on Earth. 

With every purchase of the large Peace Candle, you will receive a small crystal heart & a sample of Peace Oil to be lain where you feel it is needed. 

Perhaps to reclaim love where the land has been torn by war or disharmony. Perhaps where a person has lost all hope. 

Perhaps where a natural disaster has left a community bereft of love. 

Perhaps where you know history has left a mark of seperation. 

Wherever you lay the heart & oil, I will place a pin on my Peace Grid Board & connect them all with a golden thread, showing how we can make a difference and connect the Earth & us to the highest frequency of all, which is unconditional love.



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