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My journey into all things metaphysical began at a young age with a strong sense of knowing there
was more to life than what I was led to believe. Growing up as a sensitive and empathic person but
not understanding why I felt and saw the things I did, I shut off from the magical world I believed in.
This led to disassociating from my body and running away from feeling any emotions and the world
became a scary, fearful and overwhelming place to live in.

Through my darkest times I always knew there was another way but couldn’t put what I knew into
words until one day, I was led to study energy and pointed in the direction of Reiki
which I had never heard of. This was the beginning of unravelling all those years of disconnection
and finally relating to that inner knowing which I now know was my Soul.

One thing led to another and I found myself working with crystals which helped me access the
blockages held in the body. My passion is to bring both worlds together – the physical and non
physical. Having worked with various teachers and healing modalities, I am learning to discern
my own truth and have created a treatment including crystals, hands on and using my own intuition
to release any fear from the physical body and help people understand the journey of their Soul
I love to write meditations/stories which always connect to the inner child
and the aim is to bring hope, comfort and relief.

I believe that behind every physical pain lies an emotional imbalance and once we release that, the
body knows how to rebalance itself. The key is to remember how powerful we are
My husband Dave, makes Yurts and we run a business Dragonfly Yurts and together these beautiful structures
have been the venue for many a workshop bringing my work and other teachers together in
peaceful surroundings and we are very fortunate to be able to do this.

We have 3 grown up children & 1 in Spirit and every year, we try and hold a wellness weekend in
our Yurts around Floras birthday in August called Spirit of the Dragonfly .

This is to remind us of the deep connection to Spirit and that we are never apart and Guides, Angels & loved ones are always there to help us on our path .

We have now added another weekend on the back of the success of the Spirit called

Essence of the Dragonfly in April

I have studied Reiki, Essene healing, Metatron level 1 and Crystal Ascension but the biggest study is
my evolving connection to my own guides and teachers.

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