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The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra

How can a tree stand tall if it has no roots to support its growth

Muladhara in Sanskrit – Mula means root Adhara support or base is located at the bottom of the spine in the 1st 3 vertebrae. It is said to develop between 0-7 years and is the colour red which is the densest vibration of the colour spectrum so this chakra really is all about matter and physicality but we need to bring a higher consciousness or awareness into the root to really feel the benefit in our lives as in we need to be in the world living consciously but with the knowledge of our connectedness to everything and everyone.

It is the chakra we associate with our feeling of safety and sense of belonging in the world, our connection to others, our outlook on our basic needs, where we find the will to live, courage, resourcefulness & strength in times of challenge.

Physical needs are met when open and balanced such as plenty nutritious food, safe shelter, fresh water and our emotional needs of feeling loved and cared for and connected to others are healthy.

Fight, Flight or freeze is what emotionally this chakra relates to and we have all more than likely experienced them all at various times in our lives. Flight is the one we are working towards.

It is associated with our sense of smell - remember a baby recognizes its mum or dad immediately by their smell so its very instinctual this chakra and certain oils and fragrances are helpful to keeping the chakra open and balanced such as:

Sandalwood – emotional body – soothing

Frankincense – antidepressant and sedative qualities

Myrh – bridge between crown and root

Ylang Ylang – very calming for shock and trauma

Chant the mantra Lam to open this chakra

Platonic Solid is the Shape of the Cube /Square/Hexahedron – relating to the Element of Earth – ordered/structured/practical/

Planets – Saturn and Earth

Physically it is associated with the:

Adrenal glands – skeletal system – colon, bladder, kidneys, legs & feet - arterial blood that flows through left chamber of the heart carrying oxygen and nutrients to our body tissue

A balanced root chakra– can face all challenges knowing all is well, trusting in self and spirit

Passionate, love, excited, determined and hold an increased sense of self worth

  • Mentally Improved concentration, focus, persistence, clear thinking ,self reliance, ability to set goals and prioritize

  • Full of Vitality , need less sleep, feeling enthusiastic about everything all systems will be balanced in the body and working 100%

Unbalanced Root symptoms – negativity, depression, eating disorders, fearful thinking, catastrophizing, materialistic.

  • Feeling like you don’t belong in the world.

  • Obsess about money/workaholic/never enough to go round/

  • Emotional anger/rage aggression fearfulness frustration isolation

  • Mental Black and white thinking , pessimism, lack of sensitivity to others, martyrdom/victimhood

  • Physically – drained lethargic lack of focus lack of dreams and ideas

  • It’s the foundation for all the other chakras - transformation begins with root stability

  • Whether you feel secure and safe has a lot to do with how you felt as a child – if you were given what you needed by your caregivers you felt the world was a place you could trust , if you weren’t and suffered abuse either mentally or physically then you will view the world in a completely different way

  • Ancestral trauma is also held in the root chakra and so the more light we bring to ourselves the more we can heal for our ancestors and release the suffering from that timeline

  • Unprocessed trauma, hurts, grief, relationship, disappointment

  • Disappointment is just a transition, a teaching like disillusionment and they can be transformed into a learning experience

CRYSTALS for the Root Chakra

Red jasper



When you are feeling anxious and/or overwhelmed you can be sure your Root Chakra is not functioning as well as it could be and the anxiety you feel can be measured by the distance you are away from your Soul – your Soul is trying to soothe you but you are not hearing the love – the anxiety is your indicator and so spend 5 mins a day just allowing your mind to rest and perhaps you might begin to hear that gentle voice telling you that everything will be ok.

Love Jennie x


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