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Sacred Geometry

The word 'Geo-metry' comes from t

he Greek words Geos meaning 'Earth' and Metron meaning 'To measure', which together literally translate as the 'Measuring of the earth' or 'Earthly measurements', an art which was traditionally restricted to the priest-hood.

Sacred geometry has existed in many forms across the ages

It is often mistakenly said that geometry began with the Greeks, but before them were the Minoans, the Egyptians, Sumerians, Indus valley, Chinese, Phoenicians and of course, the builders of the western European megaliths all of whom left clear geometric fingerprints in their greatest constructions. The Greeks may well have been the first to have offered geometry to the public at large, but they were by no means the first to realise it.

Shapes make up everything in the Universe from our cells to plants to a grain of sand and the 5 Platonic Solids are the most primitive, stable and balanced shapes in the Universe. For this reason, they will mostly balance energies in your system and the environment

This is my favourite part of Sacred Geometry and each shape is connected to an element and each element to a particular emotion or state of being. I use these to do small readings with people who come for a crystal treatment as whatever you choose relays a message from your Soul as to what you need to embrace to balance an area of your life

Fire - Tetradron - passion, vitality, create change

Air - Octahedron - thoughts, mind, integration

Earth - Hexahedron - stability, grounding, order

Water - Icosohedron - emotions, flow, transformation

Spirit - Dodacahedron - ascension, expression, unconditional

Meditating on these shapes can help you come back into balance - you will be attracted to different ones for different areas in your life which will change as you evolve.

At the Essence if the Dragonfly, I am hoping we will have small sets of the 5 solids to play with and it is amazing to uncover how a simple shape brings you so much wisdom - if you would like to join us for this beautiful weekend check the page on the Essence - we have only 3 weekend tickets left

As a New Year gift, I am going to offer a mini reading for you with every purchase over £30 from the website (exc postage). I’ll leave this offer on for the whole of January.

I will tune into the areas of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual and choose the Platonic Solid that I am drawn to for you and email you my thoughts and insights and hopefully you will find it as interesting as I do - I will email you the reading within a week.

If you would like me to do this for you, please leave a message with your order and make sure your email address is added.

I have recently purchased some Icosahedrons in Smokey Quartz for the shop as I feel emotions and the Sacral Chakra are the area that everyone needs help balancing so look out for those coming soon.

Much love for this New Year, be gentle with yourself and be kind with your thoughts

Love Jennie x


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