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Crystals - Manmade Energetic Medicine

Crystals are a tool for you to enjoy and receive the benefit of, when you take on your physical body for your adventure to Earth. As most of you are aware you are a vibrational being and our vibration fluctuates depending on our emotional state, fear lowers our vibration and love and joy raise it.

Crystals are a gift from creation to help you release resistance to finding and embodying your natural vibration of love.

There is no one teacher or modality that can do it for you but they can all help ignite a remembrance of who you truly are sharing their gifts to enhance yours.

My belief is that everything that is not manmade is here to help us and here for us to use with love to be our support and guidance, so try everything you are drawn to and what resonates one day might not the next and that's ok - you evolve and sometimes come back to a modality to use it again, to access healing at a deeper level.

Use your crystals as part of your daily life, ask them which one you need today and it will never be wrong - they are living beings like you and know what you need.

People are searching for a quick fix because they don't want to have to sit with the feelings of unhappiness and investigate why. A quick fix is great but you have to be ready for the unconscious to be made conscious and then have the awareness to see it for what it is at a higher level

I was always wanting the quick fix to escape from my disconnection and sometimes I received it but would come crashing down a couple of days later- . So just be mindful healing and rebalancing takes time and layers. Be gentle with yourself and slow and steady wins the race.

Your physical and emotional body are craving stability and that is what a crystal can offer you, its stability is the stronger vibration and so you recognise and resonate on an energetic level with it and therefore you find yourself releasing what you no longer need and receiving what you do and the result is a gentle calmness and feeling of groundedness.

So choose your workshops, retreats and teachers with the desire to embrace and enjoy for enjoyments sake because you want to experience connection and seek nothing more than a little bit of knowledge and self love and the rest will happen organically.

Everything is frequency and when you resonate with that and feel it within you, you will begin to recognise lower and higher frequencies in your life and focus on whatever it takes to keep you vibration high.

Much love



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