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Crystal Frequency & Vibration

When I was first introduced to crystals, I was very sceptical about how they were meant to do all these amazing things. As I researched and learned more, frequency and vibration explained a lot and I found my curiosity heightened. I absolutely love knowing we are all vibrating at various frequencies, our organs vibrate at certain frequencies and everything on Earth including the Earth herself vibrates at a certain frequency. She is raising her vibration as we speak which is why we have to do the same to keep in alignment with her to live our best life.

Knowing crystals emit a frequency some high some lower then made complete sense to me.

What is a high vibrational crystal?– one like Celestite, Selenite, Amethyst etc all vibrate at a high frequency which means they are closer in frequency to the unconditional love frequency we all are

Masters like Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Babaji, Buddha etc all knew how to use energy in this way to raise the vibration of wherever they walked.

Healing or rebalancing occurs when we are resonating with a high vibration such as love – it raises our energy body and releases anything lower based such as fear and anxiety.

We can see this in action when we choose not to engage in drama and fear and choose instead to see through compassion – believe in the fact that we are loved unconditionally and trust in the intelligence that makes our heart beat - our life will reflect all things vibrating at a high frequency.

Raising the consciousness of the Earth is happening now – raising the collective consciousness is what is attempting to happen through those lower based frequencies of control, fear and manipulation playing out, trying to hold on. As more and more of us are awakening to realise we have a choice and we have the ability to change our world and the world at large, we are letting go of giving our power away to anything outside of ourself and choosing to love ourself and listen to our own heart. Its not easy but its doable and its something we can all do together if we support each other.

Crystals help us to find the strength to keep focused when we feel we have no choice – they have seen it all and are evolving as we do. Holding a crystal or making an elixir or placing it under your pillow will all help to lift your frequency. Choose one for each day whatever you are drawn to, it will be the right one for the day.

Rose Quartz especially just now soothes our worries, Lapiz Lazuli to open to a more Spiritual viewpoint and Bumble Bee Jasper to help gain trust in the unknown.

Its not easy to accept this is all happening for our good when there seems so much separation and chaos , divideness and judgment on choices you have made.

When you think we are all vibration – all moving energy and whatever we are struggling with is an experience of lower vibration – the answer to change it or to allow it to transmute is to step back – view from afar and send love to the situation – have compassion for where you are at – how can we grow if we have nothing to grow from.

So think in terms of frequency and vibration from plants to crystals to emotions - why would you not choose love – use the Earths gifts to help you on this journey.

I will be holding a workshop at The Spirit of the Dragonfly where we will programme a clear quartz – holding it in our left hand and sending the frequency of what we want to happen or be to the quartz – the quartz which is programmable and stores information will then become your wish and you can place it in your water to infuse the water or place it under your pillow so it works it magic whilst you sleep.

I hope you are all managing to thrive and hopefully realise how powerful you are. Its all a bit of swings and roundabouts and as more light is available to us it rattles those lower frequencies within us, only for our own good as our Soul knows they do not serve us anymore.

I am offering crystal treatments again and bookable through the website if you feel it might resonate with you.

I hope sharing my journey with you helps you in someway - I can only share from experience and what is true for me

If you have any suggestions for anything you would like more of crystals, workshops or online then please reach out – I am not loving doing videos but I know I have to do them for my growth so I will try and do more but bear with me.

As a thank you for supporting me please use code: BLOG20 to receive 20& off any Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz or Bumble Bee Jasper product on my website.

Remember raise your vibration and become a beacon – the more we can do this the more we will release those lower vibrations playing out in the world.

Much love to all

Jennie x


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