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Choices from the Heart

Choices from the Heart

We are leaving the age of Pisces which is led by our beliefs, the Solar Plexus Chakra, and entering the Age of Aquarius led by our truth, the Heart Chakra.

Our beliefs we may think are our truth and perhaps they are but how do you know?

If our beliefs are our truth we will be living our life as a compassionate, non judgmental being following what makes us happy and putting our happiness first knowing we can only truly help another when we are fulfilled and nurtured. If you believe your beliefs are your truth but you feel unfulfilled, always feeling lack, envy, less than and trying to fix others feeling you are a Saviour then you are living by your Ego Will and not Divine Will and you will continually look outside of yourself for recognition and reassurance and you will be chasing the unattainable.

Right now on the planet, you are being asked to make choices, you may think, by forces outside of yourself but in reality it is by your Soul/HigherSelf – how much do you trust that you are meant to thrive and live a successful abundant life sharing with others your strand of light – your unique way of experiencing the world and what you can give back to the planet and humanity.

Has your Soul grown and evolved from your choice, taking you to a level of awareness where you feel empowered and centered, self assured and focusing on all the good that is happening in the World (your heart) or have you forgo that inner knowing and allowed others to influence you through disconnection and separation leaving you searching for more information and more confirmation that you have chosen the correct way (Solar Plexus)

It’s a gift being able to choose but all too often we have been raised with choices being made for us and so it takes years of unravelling to realise we are here to experience the effects of our choices – the consequences, we won't always choose from the heart but we always have another choice and so there is an endless supply of opportunities to try again if the first choice leaves you less than the radiant being you are.

There is only one way for the Heart and it's through compassion, self love and forgiveness and you will feel aligned to your Soul when your choices reflect those qualities.

Every day look at one of the choices you have made and ask yourself how you made it – you will be amazed at how many are through what you think you should choose or as a result of what you have read or watched on the media – nothing wrong in that, always research everything and then make a choice based on how it feels in your heart. If it brings anxiety it is not your Souls guidance, if you feel hopeful, excited and calm, that’s your Soul – it may seem to do simple or far fetched – that again is your mind keeping you small – trust that good feeling.

The Age of Aquarius means we need to get used to trusting that good feeling because the quicker we do the faster the Planet and humanity will embody Peace.

Crystals for the Heart are mainly Pink resonating with the soothing Pink Ray of unconditional love or green resonating with the healing Green Ray so my suggestions are:

Rose Quartz – the ultimate soother for emotions

Rhodonite – untangling from inner conflict

Pink Amethyst – gentle sister of Amethyst, nurturing and compassionate

Green Fluorite – cleansing and renewing, inspiring new ideas

Octahedrons – the shape relieve the heart instantly and reminds us that we are seeing a reflection in the world of our inner self

The feeling of relief in my heart was always when I believed in what I thought was a magical, make believe world but now that magical make believe world is becoming an earthly reality and I believe always has been but we are only now beginning to remember and I am excited for the future and so should you be

Grab yourself a Heart crystal - anything that makes you feel good and keep it with you to remind you of how you make your choices

Much love

Jennie xxxx

PS: use code: HEART for 15% off any of the above crystals that we have in stock!


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