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Peace Candle

Peace Candle


Peace, The Fragrance of the Soul. 


This Peace Essence has been a part of me since I was a little girl. I always knew the voice inside of me had a message to share but I couldnt quite express it.


One Sunday afternoon much later in my life, I was sitting with my 96 year old father, who at the time was struggling with his physical wellbeing. He turned to me and said "one day I will be at peace" I intuitively knew that peace is what we are here on Earth to embody & had always been available to him, but in his mind it felt unattainable. He knew & felt the truth of what I was saying but for him he looked for reassurance which I knew only comes with trusting your Soul, something he knew on another level but found it difficult to trust in the physical.


At exactly the same time I was reading the story of the evolution of the Peace Rose, cultivated by the French Horticulturist Francis Meilland, between 1935 and 1939. This rose left Paris on the last flight before France was invaded for safekeeping in America and was forgotten until  liberation day when a phonecall confirmed it was the most beautiful Rose and had survived the darkness of war and was named the Peace Rose, it then became an emblem of light.


The Peace Rose is the delicate colours of lemon & pink, the same as the crystals of rose quartz and lemon calcite which I was holding in my hand as I read the story.  The synchonicities I knew were the emerging of this message and that I had a purpose and message to share, that Peace is innate but we sometimes need a little bit of something physical to remind us


Within 10 minutes, I had reached out to Katrino from Yogi Oils who I knew had the passion and care to help me create this beautiful product.



Combining the essentials oils. the crystals, the message and intention will mean that however you use this Essence, your vibration will raise to embody the highest frequency of unconditional love that Rose is.


You are this frequency at the core of your being and these products are a gentle reminder for those moments when it seems unatainable.



Lemon Essential Oil 

Rose Geranium Oil 

Rose Absolute Oil 

Eco Soy & Rapeseed Wax


Candle has 1 x Lemon Calcite & 1 x Rose Quartz Tumbled embedded on the top.


Burn Time approx 40 - 60 hours




Delivery Information

Delivery to UK mainland takes 1 - 3 working days.

No international at this time. 

Contact me with any questions

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