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As you may or may not know, I am giving up fulltime office work next month to follow my intuition.

We have now moved into the Age of Aquarius which is the Age of following your heart. haveYour heart holds the key to your fulfilment and happiness, it knows you are always safe, always loved and capable of achieving everything you desire.

So many of us have built an energetic wall of protection around our hearts after experiencing situations that have caused us to feel out of control or heartbroken. When people are unable to express that hurt or fear, they can end up with some physical heart issues and the medicine is always self love

The heart is reflecting back to you exactly where you are in your life – your thoughts, aspirations and self worth - it’s a mirror that we want to look in when we are in love, everything is going our way and we feel invincible but when life seems to deal us hardships – we feel the mirror is broken or smudged.

Take the mirror and wipe it – its always you, always your thoughts, showing you how connected or disconnected you are to your heart which only knows love and is always trying to show you love in every experience you have. Resistance to that causes pain, heaviness and heartache.

Your unique gifts, mission, reason to be is contained in your heart and the key to unlock is you listening and watching your emotional responses to life. Feeling good is a heartbeat away or a change of thought away and that is your responsibility no-one elses. Feeling happy is how you are meant to feel, its the norm.

How amazing is it to think that the planet has been created by a thought and that the creator of that thought, placed everything we need as a human to survive on the planet from water, soil, food, crystals, sound, plants, colour and so on – the tools are here for us to thrive but the catch is that it’s a planet of duality so dark and light, love and fear except fear is only visible when we stop listening to our heart.

What a gift to have so many crystals with their varying frequencies, properties, colours and types – they too are adapting to our new found consciousness and helping us to ascend to unconditional love. So many crystals help release trauma from the heart from the ultimate Rose Quartz to Malachite, Dolomite, any Octahedron, Mangano Calcite, Kunzite, Garnierite – all of these are great but I like to choose whatever I am drawn to as I know its what I need and it a great way to begin to work with your Soul.

Clear Quartz is the master of all – transmutable, transformable, the storer of memory and amplifier of any other crystal. My own Quartz heart allows me to programme it with whatever intention I want to manifest and it amplifies and stores that intention until it manifests and I clear it to store another one.

So for me its time to fill my heart with what brings me joy. Seeking and listening for knowledge I can share with you all to help us all walk our paths a little more confidently and blissfully.

I hope to be creating online workshops and of course I have already booked Spirit of the Dragonfly for next August and I am looking at holding another weekend in the Spring.

I will be offering more 1/1 treatments from home and possibly venturing out to the bigger cities if it is needed. I am excited to see how much I can follow my heart and trust my intuition and see where it takes me, who I meet and share my experiences with you as I have always felt unless I experience something for myself, I am not being authentic or true to my heart.

My first online workshops I hope to be able to send out a Mangano Calcite moon – the little sister of Rose Quartz and helps us connect back to the inner child in us. When we are born our hearts are open, happy and curious and living in flow, over time we have forgotten so I would like to help us reconnect and bring back that wonder with the help of a little soothing Mangano Calcite.

Keep being true to you and question everything - does the answer feel like love or fear – follow love

Much love



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