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Essence of the Dragonfly

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I'm writing this a week after my Dad has passed and he is now forever at Peace

My dad was one of the instigators of creating the Peace Essence with his own search for Peace (you can read about it in the description for the Peace Oil/Mist and Candles)

I was sitting thinking of the Essence and beginning to plan the menu etc when I realised the Friday evening will be his birthday, so I know this weekend will be very special & so as a nod to him, I will plan something Peace Essence for the Friday - maybe a Peace Mocktail with dinner ?

This weekend is so full of insights and techniques for accessing your inner wisdom and recognising your own Soul Essence. I have just had a conversation with Ruth from Roobedo who is holding a workshop and its the most beautiful and connected piece of work you will be doing with her - Japanese themed but so simple and of course, for me that is my understanding and teaching, that life, what we want and search for is so so simple because its who we are which is priceless but so valuable

The Friday night dinner will be memorable because of Rory's story but I want to make the Yurt feel so magical because healing can happen just by someone walking into the beautiful structure with its fairy lights and round structure which resonates with us on an energetic level. I have seen it happen so many times in treatments when people walk through the door of my Yurt, they just melt back into their alignment

So I have 3 rooms left. 2 family rooms with a double and a single and 1 triple room with 3 singles. The room cost is £250 and you can stay 3 nights if you wish. Each room has an en suite and you hvae full access throughout the house which includes 2 living rooms, one with a piano and one with a coal fire. Last time, there was always a conflab around the kitchen table which I love. So why not grab a friend or two and make it cheaper. (weekend ticket of £250 on top)

Dinner Friday night, lunch on both days and snacks in-between are included. Evening meals aren't but usually there is left overs from lunch or Pitlochry is 10 minutes away, and there is a well equipped kitchen too

I really only have 3 tickets left for the weekend but I could squeeze in a couple more if needed

The workshops are all held in our 26ft Yurt and last an hour at a time but timings are flexible and I am not going to rush anyone when fun is involved. If you have an inkling that this might suit you but have further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. There are payment plan options too

So check out the page on the website for more details on each workshop, I would truly love to have you along and introduce you to my own blend of what I feel creates an inspiring weekend.

Please message me with any queries and hope to see you there

Lots of peace to you all


Jennie xx


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