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Crystal Beginnings

Welcome to my first of what I hope many blogs to come – the first has to be about Crystals and what they mean to me and how I use them.

I was introduced to Crystals about 6/7 years ago when I was on my path of searching the truth for me and finding a way to help me find more peace inside.

Having studied Reiki which I enjoyed but felt I needed more, I came across a crystal workshop and signed up – Intrigued by the Pendulum mainly, I instantly took to this medium of understanding how our bodies work energetically. The first time I picked up my master healing quartz tools and used them for practicing, I had a rush of emotion and tears welled up in my eyes and I knew I had come home to my souls mission and that I had done this before in some lifetime.

I love using the tools to clear stuck/stagnant energy and replenish with light anywhere the body needs it and also seeing where people create blockages and/or have allowed a tear to form in their etheric body (unconsciously).This is all resolved using various techniques.

I remember questioning how a Rose Quartz could help a heart issue as I couldn’t quite understand the placing of a crystal and the “science” behind it. Possibly you question too so here is my explanation which is my understanding.

We are energetic beings and every part of us vibrates and resonates at a certain frequency – this applies to all things on Earth and the Earth herself has a frequency which we are designed to resonate with to be our healthiest self.

Crystals are the gems that Mother Nature and the Universe has given us to help us heal in so many ways. A crystal is alive with a consciousness just like us and vibrates at a certain frequency some lower and some higher but always stable. The difference between us and a crystal is that we are emotional beings and so our vibration can be affected by fear, sadness, grief etc meaning we can distance from the stability of our core vibration of love.

Therefore when the crystal is placed on or within our energy field, our bodies begin to come back to resonate with the stable vibration of the crystal – releasing or receiving from it whatever way we need. Our bodies recognize the vibration of home.

Each crystal has certain properties too, such as Malachite with a high amount of Copper – Copper vibrates at a certain frequency which can alleviate inflammation e,g arthritis which is why you see people wearing copper bracelets – the piece of Malachite will do the same as it is the frequency that rebalances the imbalance.

For me once an imbalance has been resolved, my passion is to find the emotional reason for the imbalance in the first place – i.e anger issues, frustration and explain from the Soul Perspective , the blessing and the reason why these emotions may be holding you back – sometimes all it takes is an Ah Ha moment to release the fear.

I intuitively choose the crystals and don’t get too bogged down in the need to know everything as I know they always work and the right crystal is always chosen not by me but by your Soul/High Self for the greatest good of you.

If you have some crystals of your own, begin to hold them and listen to what they tell you, are they asking to be placed somewhere on your body or perhaps somewhere in your home.

Love them like you would anything that is precious. They are the DNA of the Earth and here to help us evolve to embrace how incredible and amazing we are and to live more from our hearts than our heads.

I hope this makes sense to you- it is a huge subject with lots of avenues but the one main reason being is to connect us all to our core of Love and help us realise that we have everything we need through nature to help us remember who we are.

Lots of Love



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