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Clear Flourite Octahedron

Clear Flourite Octahedron


Octahedron is associated with sacred geometry and connected with the element of air and in turn the heart chakra. 
They help one push passed mental blocks and open the mind to limitless possibilities. 
Place the octahedron on the heart, relax and breath the colour into your heart centre. 
These are the crystals that will help us raise our consciousness and awaken to the new earths vibration.

•    Draws off negative energy and stress of all kind 
•    Heightens intuitive powers 
•    Brings suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution 
•    Helps with study and organisation 
•    Powerful for dealing with infections and disorders
•    Grounds excess energy and dissipates emotional trauma 

APPROX SIZE & WEIGHT: 55mm / 150g

Crystals from Northern Cape, South Africa

Delivery Information

Delivery to UK mainland takes 1 - 3 working days.

No international at this time. 

Contact me with any questions

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